Welcome at the BAST registration page. You can now register for the 2023 BAST year (January 1 – December 31, 2023).

Please complete the form below. If you were already a member of the BAST (+/RBSS) and want to reactivate your account, click here.

If you opt for the BAST+RBSS Block membership, you will be redirected to the RBSS login page after completing the form on this page and choosing the BAST+RBSS Block option on the next page. There you can also complete your membership details and finalize the payment (online payment module on the RBSS-website). Alert: the previous option of BANK payment transfer is canceled for the block membership.

If you opt for the BAST only membership, please fill in the form. After completing the registration form, you can finalize your payment online on the next page.

To complete your BAST+RBSS blockmembership, we kindly ask you to register or reactivate your membership on the RBSS-websit by clicking here Payment of the 60€ membershipfee for your blockmembership has to go through RBSS. After your payment has been received, RBSS will transfer your membership details to BAST. Due to this registration process with the needed data-transfer between RBSS and BAST, there’s always a little delay in your BAST-registration, for which we ask your patience. Please make sure to, if not yet done so, create a user profile on the BAST-website as well, next to your user profile on the RBSS-website.