The 2022-2023 BAST Board

Hello, I am Tom, a 30-year-old 6th year surgical trainee, currently working at UZ Brussel and already for 4 years working with lots of pleasure for BAST. My surgical interests are especially going to pediatric, thoracic, transplant & robotic-assisted surgery. Absolutely loving surgery & engaged in improving the education of surgical trainees to become the most professional version of themselves. Next to medicine following evening classes to become Sommelier-Conseil, cause wine is life. Cheers!

Hi, I am Elfi, currently a 6th year surgical trainee and passionate about vascular surgery along with an interest in thoracic surgery. Driven to fast-track the surgical education of fellow residents since joining BAST four years ago, organizing the vascular and thoracic courses and supporting the expert in the field webinars. I am proud to be your President this year! One can always tempt me with faraway travels, exuberant dancing, and good food.

Hi everyone, my name is Barbara and I’m currently working at the department of abdominal and thoracic surgery in AZ Delta (Rumbeke, Menen, Torhout) as a 4th year trainee from KULeuven. As I am keen to help organizing lots of surgical courses and events to improve our surgical training, I am very happy to be part of our enthusiastic board for 3 years. My special interest goes to abdominal & thoracic surgery. I love to travel and explore new places and I can’t deny that good food makes me happy!

Hi there! My name is Isadora and I’m in my 4th year residency in General Surgery at the UCL. I am living in Brussels and currently working at the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi. I have a keen interest in emergency surgery and visceral traumatology, especially in austere environments. As such, starting next fall, I am going one year abroad to specialize further in this area in 2 renown trauma centers based in Cali, Colombia and Cape-Town, South Africa!

Hi, I’m Laurence Verstraeten and I’m in my 4th year of surgical training at the Catholic University of Leuven. I have a special interest in Abdominal and Transplant Surgery and I’m currently doing a PhD in Abdominal Transplant Surgery at the University Hospitals of Leuven. As a member of the BAST board I like helping to create a platform for surgical trainees to provide them all the information they need throughout their training and to encourage them in enhancing their surgical skills with hands-on courses and theoretical sessions.

Hi there! I’m Manon, a 4th year surgical trainee from the VUB interested in thoraco-vascular surgery.  I joined BAST to try to improve our formation by providing hands-on and theoretical courses for surgical trainees. I love to be adventurous by going abroad for work (1 year Curaçao, 1 year in the Netherlands) and you can always find me in my happy place while diving or cooking! Cheers!

Looking forward to adding my part in the BAST trainings and add theoretical and practical skills to our education. In my free time I am mostly creative and always busy with a new project. I am a 4th year assistant in general Surgery from the VUB and for the moment working in the ASZ Aalst hospital rotating over the services vascular, cardiac, and abdominal surgery.

My name is Emma, I’m 27 years old and I’m a 3rd year surgical trainee working at ETZ in Tilburg. I’m interested in vascular surgery. I will be joining the BAST board as a course director. I look forward to organising many interesting courses, workshops, and events!

I’m Cédric, a 1st year surgical trainee at KULeuven and currently working in UZ Leuven. As a junior trainee in the BAST board I would like to invest in organizing courses and networking events for junior trainees to get them familiarized easier within certain fields of surgery. Therefore, I’m starting as an adjunct Public Relations and course director. I love cycling and long-distance running during my free time.

Hello, I am Maaike Vierstraete, a 3th year surgical trainee from UGent currently working at AZ Maria Middelares Ghent. My special interest goes to abdominal wall surgery and gastro-intestinal surgery. I’m happy to join the BAST Board as a course director.

My name is Estelle Bodart and I’m currently in my 3rd year of surgical training with  special interest for vascular and thoracic Surgery. I’ve studied at the UCLouvain and I’m working in Wallonia (Ottignies) for the next two years. Outside the clinic, I enjoy practicing tennis, field hockey and photography. I recently joined the BAST board and was pleased to see my network expending through surgical trainings, workshops and meetings gathering Surgeons and Trainees from all around the country. I’m convinced that sharing experience and continuous training via numerous scientific courses lead us to be more human and ambitious surgeons.

Hi, my name is Gilles, 27 year-old surgical trainee, currently trying to obtain a PhD in Vascular Surgery about a Black Box in the hybrid operating room. You can find me at UZ Gent a lot. I’m a brand new BAST board member and very motivated to organise new courses! My PhD has a big simulation based education chapter so I’ll try to introduce some of these elements in the BAST to learn as efficient as possible! Personally, you can find me cycling, training for a running event or enjoying a drink at the bar.