We are BAST

The Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees (BAST) was founded by surgical trainees and for surgical trainees more than a decade ago. We represent all Belgian surgical trainees, across all Belgian universities. Currently, almost half of all Belgian trainees are BAST members! All residents are therefore more than welcome to join the BAST and are encouraged to take part in our meetings & courses.

Since 1998


Unite – Protect – Stimulate – Promote – Facilitate


BAST members can easily connect and unite with other surgical trainees and experts in the field through our events.


BAST considers it extremely important to represent the interests of the surgical trainees to multiple organizations, including the Specialty Councils (Erkenningscommissie/Commission d’Agrément), Collegium Chirurgicum (CC) and the Royal Belgian Society for Surgery (RBSS).


Through the frequent hands-on workshops and webinars from the experts in the field, we always try to challenge and stimulate the BAST member within their training.


Scientific research lies at the heart of surgery. Hence, we encourage BAST members to get involved in this and, for example, to participate in the trainer-trainee session at the BSW. 


BAST strives to facilitate the integration of surgical trainees within the Belgian surgical community as well as assist them in taking their first steps into the work field after training.



Let us convince you with 5 key arguments:

  • By becoming a member of BAST, you can attend all of our courses for free (with the exception of a deposit in some cases). Please note that some courses (such as the much desired cadaver courses) only offer a limited number of places, but you will be the first to know when a new course takes place! Webinars will always be available online for our members to view on the website after the event so you certainly don't have to miss anything.
  • We also encourage all members to participate in one of our sessions (such as our Trainer-Trainee session during the Belgian Surgical Week or the BGES-BAST video session for example), this will give you the opportunity to present at an (inter)national congress.
  • BAST also allows you to network with many other Belgian surgical trainees and experts in the field. In addition, you can find on our website a lot of interesting documents, vacancies and fellowship positions that can give your career a boost.
  • Our goal is to improve the quality of the courses offered annually to all BAST members. Together with our faculty and sponsors, we will continue to strive to offer the best additional education at the lowest cost.
  • Last but not least, we will continue to represent surgical trainees on national boards and improve the educational situation in Belgium.