The Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees (BAST) was founded by surgical trainees and for surgical trainees more than a decade ago. We represent all Belgian surgical trainees, across all Belgian universities. Currently, almost half  of all Belgian trainees are BAST members! All residents are therefore more than welcome to join the BAST and are encouraged to take part in our meetings & courses.

Our mission is five fold:


Unite all surgical trainees across the country.


Protect the interests of the surgical trainee at multiple organisations including Speciality Boards (Erkenningscommissie/Commission d’Agrément), Collegium Chirurgicum (CC) and the Royal Belgian Society for Surgery (RBSS).


Stimulate surgical education and surgical training by way of multiple courses & workshops.


Promote an attitude of scientific involvement (f.e. our BAST trainers-trainees session at the Belgian Surgical Week)


Facilitate the integration within the Belgian surgical community

Advantages & Goals


By becoming a BAST member, you get to participate in all of our courses, free of charge. Do remember that some of our courses (such as the highly-coveted cadaver courses) only offer a limited amount of places, but you will be the first to know when a new course is taking place! We also encourage all members to take part in one of our sessions (such as the Trainers-Trainees session during Belgian Surgical Week or the BGES-BAST video session), this gives you the opportunity to present at an (inter)national congress and you may even take home the grand prize!


Our goals for 2020-2021 are improving the quality of the courses that are offered yearly to all BAST members. Together with our teachers and sponsors, we continue to look to offer the most education at the lowest cost. We will also try to create a variety of online courses that will ensure learning opportunities even during a pandemic.

We will continue to represent surgical residents in the national boards and improve the teaching situation in Belgium.

The BAST Board 2020-2021

Marie-Céline Schraepen


Tom Danau

Vice-President & Treasurer

Barbara Donck

Secretary & Course Director

Elfi Tournaye

Course director

Isadora Frick

Course Director


All surgical trainees in Belgium are invited to become a member of BAST.


Both the BAST and BAST+RBSS membership start on January 1st. Subscription ends December 31st.