Silver Scalpel Award

The Silver Scalpel Award is given annually to a Belgian surgeon who has been voted the best teacher that year by the Belgian surgical trainees. The trophy is awarded at the Belgian Surgical Week after an exciting vote via this website. Each BAST member is entitled to one vote per year to hopefully showcase their favorite surgical trainer with a trophy to be proud of.


Silver Scalpel Award

Also this year, the Silver Scalpel Award will be handed out to the surgeon chosen as best teacher of the year by the Belgian surgical trainees.


We are looking for the surgical teacher who can inspire, challenge and support the trainees in their training. In addition, we are looking for someone who will take his time to provide the trainees with excellent informed instructions during the many surgeries.


Do you immediately think of someone when reading this description? Then vote here for the surgeon who you think deserves the trophy! The surgeon with the most votes will be able to take the prize home. There will also be an honorary mention of the surgeons who finished in place 2 and 3 during the BSW.


Voting will open in March 2023, prior to the BSW. Through the form, we will ask you for the surgeon’s name, his current workplace, as well as some reasons why you think this surgeon is the best teacher of the year! Every active BAST-member will be able to vote once.


The 2022 BAST Silver Scalpel Award

1st Place – Prof. Dr. Dirk Ysebaert, UZ Antwerpen

2nd Place – Dr. Kjell Fierens, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent

3rd Place – Dr. Guy Verfaillie, UZ Brussel

BAST Silver Scalpel Award – Hall of Fame

2022 – Prof. Dr. D. Ysebaert, UZ Antwerpen
2021 – Dr. Els Van Dessel, GZA ziekenhuizen, Antwerpen
2020 – No elections due to COVID-19 pandemic
2019 – Prof. Dr. Marc Miserez, UZ Leuven
2018 – Prof. Dr. Jan Lamote, UZ Brussel (Emeritus 2019)
2017 – Prof. Dr. Marian Vanhoeij, UZ Brussel
2016 – Dr. Guido Vangertruyden, Jessa Ziekenhuis, Hasselt
2015 – Dr. Franky Vansteenkiste, AZ Groeninge, Kortrijk

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