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Lung Volume Reduction Surgery by Prof Dr Laurens Ceulemans on 11/03/2021 at 20.00h
Proctology by Dr. Jasper Stijns and Dr. Gabriele Bislenghi on 30/03/2021 at 20.00h
Flexible Endoscopy for Surgeons by Dr. Stijn Heyman on 22/04/2021 at 20.00h
– Is my patient fit for minimally invasive cardiac surgery? by Dr. J. Coveliers – postponed, new date to be announced.
A.I. in Surgery: From Neural Networks to 3D models by Dr. P. De Backer on 19/05/2021 at 20.00h
– Damage Control Surgery in Abdominal Trauma by Dr. M. Thoma on 10/06/2021 at 20.00h
Radiology for Surgeons by Prof. Dr. J. de Mey, divided in two sessions on 24/6/21 and 30/6/21 at 20.00h
– To follow: Liver transplant surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, upper GI surgery, vascular surgery,…

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